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Adopt a Project – Just World International

JustWorld International
2010 Adopt a Project

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, JustWorld International’s “Adopt a Project” campaign a year ago brought another year of good food, education, and basic health care to the 3,000 children benefiting from our JustWorld projects in Cambodia, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, and Senegal.

The kids in our projects now have safe, happy places to play, learn, and receive medical care. At each of our project partners, JustWorld’s funding through “Adopt a Project” donors gives kids the space, the tools, and the love and dedication of committed teachers to excel in school, in the sports and the arts, in health, and in life skills.

Please help us with a 2010 donation to keep our projects flourishing. Given the rising costs of materials and food, your renewed investment in our “Adopt a Project” campaign now can ensure that we meet our 2010 goals by Thanksgiving and keep the kids in our projects receiving the education, food, and health care that means they can dream of a future made possible by the knowledge and skills they learn in our projects.

How you can help:

There are four easy ways to give:

1.Phone: 561-333-9391
2.Mail: Send us an e-mail and we will provide you with a donation form. Mail your donation form with your check or credit card information to JustWorld International, 11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 22-396, Wellington, Florida 33414
3.Fax: Send us an e-mail and we will provide you with a donation form. Fax your donation form with your credit card information to 1-561-792-0757
4.Website: Visit and click on the link “Give to JustWorld.” Your gift order and credit card information will be sent to use as a secured transaction.
JustWorld International is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States and a registered Association 1901
in France. Local branches have also been established in Mexico and Honduras. JustWorld has no political or religious affiliation.

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Out on the street with a new Camera – Canon Power Shot G11

Whenever you get any new bit of kit it takes a while to learn how to get the best from it. On my recent trip to the UK I unfortunately left my little Sony point and shoot behind when I came back to Phnom Penh so I decided to go and find a new one. Off I headed to the camera store on Monivong where I knew that I could probable get a good deal on the camera I wanted. They didn’t have it in stock but would get me one the next day. Service is great but the gear is grey.

I had decided that I wanted a Canon Power Shot G11 admittedly not the smallest of point and shoots but according to the reports I have read is definitely up to scratch IQ wise. So the next day I paid my money and took my camera. Spent the afternoon reading the manual and fiddling with the controls, finding my bearings.

The next morning I was out early to give the camera a walk, ended up doing several miles.

I wanted this camera to carry with me when not possible or desirable to hump a DSLR but the question remained, was it suitable for street work and was the IQ as reported in the photography press up to the standard I require. The above image was taken on the move on Kampuchea Kr am Boulevard. I was using a mode in the camera that allows immediate response from the shutter but you have to use the viewfinder rather than the screen, no noticeable shutter lag, which meant no missed shots a major problem with some P & S.

I wanted to try out the quality of the zoom, and get used to using the controls on the camera, the above image was taken at maximum zoom (x5 optical) and although the focus is a little off (my fault) it is perfectly usable for the net.

The cameras ”low profile” in comparison to my DSLR’s seemed to make me less noticeable to people and I was able to get some good shots whilst walking around the Orussai market. People just were not taking much notice of me at all, just another tourist.

My main concern really was the IQ that the camera is able to produce up to the standards I require. I have made my own judgement about this and I will leave you to make your based on the pictures you see here. I know small JPEG’s are not the best indicators of IQ but the RAWs this camera produces are very useful.

I continued on my trip around the market spotting images as I went and trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

I like the images this camera is able to produce and also that I will be able to take it with me at all times and know that I can get quality images. It will not replace my DSLR’s but will certainly compliment them.

© Ian Kydd’Miller 2010


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Proud Photography on line courses.

Proud Photography Online Digital Photography Course Review

Do a Photo Course and help the Children at PIO

Author: Chris Parker

Have you come across the website ‘Proud Photography‘? Are you wondering what quality lesson are they offering online to their students and what will you learn from the curriculum? Is ‘Proud Photography’ an accredited photography online school? Can Proud Photography offer lessons that have the quality standard compare to a professional photography school? This article will provide and in depth detail about ‘Proud Photography online digital course’.

Proud Photography is an online digital course that provides a standard quality photography lesson designed by real expert photographers. The course is divided into 13 interactive lessons. The courses are ‘interactive’ that is mean you can interact with lecturer and other student along your learning process. Below topics are outline from the entire Proud Photography curriculum;

* Introduction to Photography and General Terms

* Digital World

* Exposure Control: Shutter Speed

* Exposure Control: Aperture

* Composition

* Advanced Flash Photography Resource

* Black and White Photography

* Travel Photography Part I

* Travel Photography Part II

* People – Portraits

* People and Environment

* Various Tricks and Techniques

* Common Pitfalls

As you can see from the above topics which are meant to design for both beginner and experienced photographers.

The lesson is professionally designed by award-winning photographer ‘Peter Timko’, who is recognize as professional in the industry. The course is based from the professional secret techniques, past trial and error and innovative tips and tricks that contribute your photography skill to the next level. The benefit of enrolling with Proud Photography course is the cost-saving and time-saving, furthermore there is no deadline on assignment and you can learn at your own pace. The course has helped many amateur and experienced photographers in improving their skills with proven techniques.

Overall, Proud Photography is an accredited photography school that run by professional and enthusiast with the purpose in providing uncover techniques and real training course that can contribute in advancing the learner’s skill. The course is offering everything you need to know about photography from top to bottom.

Article Source:

About the Author

Click here to Visit Proud Photography official website for more information.

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Gift Shop Opens at Stung Meanchey School

gift_somalyPIO has opened a gift shop on its school site at Stung Meanchey to offer its visitors the opportunity to support the project by purchasing a few small items that they have to offer.

Sok Somaly seen here in the shop working on her original Khmer style artwork, (she is a pupils at the school), which is one of several items being offered to visitors. Some of the other items include jewelry (produced through a small business workshop taught by a volunteer) silks and the ubiquitous Cambodia T-Shirts…. since your in Cambodia it’s better to buy them here as all the proceeds go to support programs at PIO.

gift_visitorPaul Wilson, an Autralian visitor making his first visit to PIO in the shop with Somaly and Dawee (one of PIO’s Teachers) makes a few purchases. He tells me he was very impressed with the whole project and that it was being run by Khmers for Khmers.

This is another example of the self help attitude and initiatives that are primary within the structure of PIO.

The proceeds from this shop will help fund ongoing a new initiatives (specifically the children’s shelter) and the visitors will be able to offer support in a small way for the children they meet at the school.

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A Egg a Day


by Ian Kydd Miller

There’s an old saying,”an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away”, this has been adopted here in Cambodia for the children of the PIO school, but instead of apples it’s eggs and a daily multivitamin suppliment tablet.

Since the program has started, the teachers at PIO have noticed a significant increase in physical and mental performance since the introduction of this program. And the kids love them!

Vitamin Content of Eggs: Eggs are rich in vitamin B, especially vitamin b12, vitamin Avitamin Dvitamin E and vitamin K. It should be noted that very few food items that contain vitamin D, egg being one of them.

Protein Content of Eggs: An egg is composed of about 11% proteins. Further it contains all the amino acids necessary for body metabolism. This makes eggs an essential part of the diet of those who wish to increase weight and build muscles. Most of the proteins are concentrated in the white part of the egg, known as albumin (albumen) or egg white.

kideggEgg White and Egg Yolk: There are two essential parts of an egg; the albumen or the white part and the yolk or the yellow part. The yolk is suspended in the albumin and contains about 80% of the calories and almost all fats present in the egg. It contains vitamin A, D, E and K and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. The egg albumen mostly containswater and proteins.

Health Benefits of Eggs: The nutritional value of eggs makes it good for immunity, strong vision, treatment of macular degeneration, cataract treatment, skin care, nervous system, strong bones, and blood formation. Recent research has also shown that consuming eggs does not lead to increase in serum cholesterol levels.

Eggs are also a good source of essential minerals such as calcium,iron,phosphoruszinc and iodine. When it comes to calories, a medium sized egg has about 75-76 kcal.

If anyone considers that they may be able to help continue or expand this program to some of the other outreach centers please contact us. We would really love to here from you. Remember a small amount goes a long way in Cambodia but a bigger amount goes even further.

What this organization is doing goes beyond mere humanitarian work. PIO is helping to build a new Cambodian society, and is deserving of full support and encouragement.
Charles A. Ray, Former US ambassador to Cambodia

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Just World Ambassadors. Lexington

Just World Ambassadors
Have Strong Presence at
World Equestrian Games
Lexington, Kentucky

Just World Rider Ambassadors are making their presence known at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games taking place September 25 to October 10 in Lexington, KY. JustWorld is a not-for-profit, humanitarian organization working as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world by helping impoverished children.

A total of nine JustWorld Rider Ambassadors are representing their respective countries in the World Equestrian Games, which act as the World Championships for all equestrian disciplines, including show jumping. Held every four years, the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY, mark the first time that they have been staged outside Europe.

Olympic Champion Eric Lamaze of Canada is one of JustWorld’s most high profile Rider Ambassadors, as is reigning European Champion Kevin Staut of France. Other JustWorld Rider Ambassadors contesting the World Equestrian Games include Olympic Team Gold Medalist Laura Kraut of the United States, Daniel Bluman of Colombia, Federico Fernandez of Mexico, Olivier Guillon of France, and Andres Rodriguez of Venezuela. Lamaze, Staut, Guillon and Kraut all qualified for the Individual Final. In addition, Candice King of the United States and Marie Pellegrin Etter of France are both in Lexington as the traveling alternates for their respective teams.

“JustWorld is a great organization, and by competing at the World Equestrian Games, we are able to bring attention to the good work that it is doing,” said Lamaze.

As JustWorld Rider Ambassadors, these high profile athletes all make significant contributions of prize money to JustWorld International. They also help raise awareness of JustWorld activities, and inspire others to get involved. The main focus of JustWorld’s activities include fundraising for its project sites Brazil, Cambodia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Senegal.

“I am proud to see so many of our Rider Ambassadors representing JustWorld, as well as their nations, with such grace and poise during these World Equestrian Games,” said Jessica Newman, Executive Director of JustWorld International. “Outside of the Olympics, the World Equestrian Games are the most important event in our sport, and to see so many of our Ambassadors excelling in this international event is truly inspiring.”

Founded in 2003, JustWorld International raises awareness and funds in the equestrian community to support humanitarian projects that benefit impoverished communities and children in the developing world. Cooperating with local partners, JustWorld International implements sustainable, culturally sensitive education, health and vocational projects and currently has project sites in Brazil, Cambodia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Senegal. There are currently more than 350 Rider Ambassadors from 34 different countries, ranging from eight-year-old pony riders to Olympic medalists, who help bring attention to JustWorld International’s cause. For more information on JustWorld International and its upcoming project site visits and fundraising events, please visit

JustWorld International is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization
in the United States and a registered Association 1901 in France.
Local branches have also been established in Mexico and Honduras.
JustWorld International has no political or religious affiliation.

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Collective Lens: Photography for Social Change

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The kids who live in Toul Sambo Village and the surrounding area have few advantages in life, if any. The one thing they do have is the School at People Improvement Organization. It is a school run by Khmer for Khmer with the support of Just World International and also many individual donors.

The school was set up by Phymean Noun, a Khmer woman with a tremendous drive to help make things better for some of the most under privileged kids in Cambodia. She set the place up initially using her own resources, savings and earnings from her job with the UNTAC. It has gone strength to strength from then onwards gaining ongoing support from Just World International.

From the initial 1 school it has gone to three plus a 40 bed orphanage for abandoned or orphaned street children. The hope is that this year or early next, the school at Toul Sambo, Stung Meanchey will be rebuilt and extended to enable more children to attend this Free Resource. Funding permitting.


Give this little one a future. Help NOW ! Without your help he will never go to school. Visit the PIO site and press the DONATE button. 



Do a Photo Course and help the Children at PIO

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