The kids who live in Toul Sambo Village and the surrounding area have few advantages in life, if any. The one thing they do have is the School at People Improvement Organization. It is a school run by Khmer for Khmer with the support of Just World International and also many individual donors.

The school was set up by Phymean Noun, a Khmer woman with a tremendous drive to help make things better for some of the most under privileged kids in Cambodia. She set the place up initially using her own resources, savings and earnings from her job with the UNTAC. It has gone strength to strength from then onwards gaining ongoing support from Just World International.

From the initial 1 school it has gone to three plus a 40 bed orphanage for abandoned or orphaned street children. The hope is that this year or early next, the school at Toul Sambo, Stung Meanchey will be rebuilt and extended to enable more children to attend this Free Resource. Funding permitting.


Give this little one a future. Help NOW ! Without your help he will never go to school. Visit the PIO site and press the DONATE button. 



Do a Photo Course and help the Children at PIO

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