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Gift Shop Opens at Stung Meanchey School

gift_somalyPIO has opened a gift shop on its school site at Stung Meanchey to offer its visitors the opportunity to support the project by purchasing a few small items that they have to offer.

Sok Somaly seen here in the shop working on her original Khmer style artwork, (she is a pupils at the school), which is one of several items being offered to visitors. Some of the other items include jewelry (produced through a small business workshop taught by a volunteer) silks and the ubiquitous Cambodia T-Shirts…. since your in Cambodia it’s better to buy them here as all the proceeds go to support programs at PIO.

gift_visitorPaul Wilson, an Autralian visitor making his first visit to PIO in the shop with Somaly and Dawee (one of PIO’s Teachers) makes a few purchases. He tells me he was very impressed with the whole project and that it was being run by Khmers for Khmers.

This is another example of the self help attitude and initiatives that are primary within the structure of PIO.

The proceeds from this shop will help fund ongoing a new initiatives (specifically the children’s shelter) and the visitors will be able to offer support in a small way for the children they meet at the school.

Do a Photo Course and help the Children at PIO


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