Month: November 2010

The Diamond Gate Tragedy, Cambodia

The Water Festival in Phnom Penh is a annual event that brings an extra 1 million people to the city from the provinces to celebrate and have a holiday. I had been photographing the even for most of the weekend getting many pictures of happy people enjoying their time at the festival. This was marred by the events that took place late in the evening of the 22nd November when tragically 375 people were killed crossing the Diamond Gate Bridge.

The Diamond Gate bridge leads to Diamond Island a place used for celebrations and a fun fair. What cause this panic and the subsequent loss of life is yet to be determined but people were crushed to death after to many people tried to cross the bridge in a state of fear and panic.

The official investigation is no doubt underway and only time will tell the reasons for this disaster.


The Road to Great Fun – Rugby in Cambodia

There is a great and active interest by both expatriates and Khmer Nationals in the hard game of Rugby. The level is small (4 national teams) but support is growing.

The Future Players

The game of Rugby was virtually unknown in Cambodia prior to 2001, excluding the expats, but advances have been made since the formation of the CFR (Cambodian Federation of Rugby).

Rugby is a popular sport in Cambodia and is played by both boys and girls. It was first introduced by in 1996 with the formation of the Royal Rugby Club of Cambodia. The early years were mainly expat matches competing at regional level. The Indo China Cup was introduced in 1999 with matches being held in Phnom Penh between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This was followed by International Tournaments (The Angkor 10) which was established in 2001 and is held annually in Phnom Penh.

The game continues to develop and is great for kids and adults alike, competitive but friendly.

A Night in Paris

a night in paris
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Meet us at Belle Herbe Farm in Wellington, Florida, for a magical evening of dancing, food, and friends, dedicated to helping educate children in need. We will transport you to the beautiful and romantic city of Paris–the birthplace of JustWorld International and its current European home base–with an evening of entertainment and joie de vivre. Stroll through the lanes of the signature silent auction, join the excitement of the live auction, and applaud JustWorld’s accomplishments of 2010. Enjoy the live entertainment and many more surprises. The champagne will flow throughout the night along with fine wines and palate pleasers from our sumptuous French-inspired tasting stations. You’ll be dazzled by dancing girls with their spectacular costumes, cabaret, and high kicks! Come and experience the sights and sounds of the elegance and thrills in the “City of Lights.” This will truly be a night to remember!