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KIDS (Kids International Dental Services)

KIDS, the international dental service set up by Dr. Robert Renner is due to visit Cambodia again from the 27th of February and as always will be offering FREE dental services to some of the poorest kids in Cambodia. Their busy schedule will start in Phnom Penh at 0600 Hrs on the 27th.

Prof. Bob Renner

I am a retired dentist and along with my retired physicist wife, travel around the world to treat children who have no access to dental care. We have a charitable foundation KIDS International Dental Services (www.kidservices.org) which raises money to provide small stipends for dental students/dentists to accompany us on our dental missions. We describe the children we treat as children affected by a passive genocide, they have no access to medical or dental care as well as proper nutrition, clean water and proper sanitation. Without some of these basics they have no hope of developing to productive members of their society. We have been doing pro bono dental work for a decade now and have established dental programs in several countries, Cambodia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and in Manila. We try and elicit dental professionals/dental students in these countries to assist us with the overwhelming need to assist their children to receive basic dental preventive/emergency care. We would welcome any professional to accompany us on our trips. Write to me on how to start a simple dental program in a foreign country(rprenner@gmail.com). Visit our foundation to provide money for dentists/dental students at www.kidservices.org.

I will be following and photographing their progress during their time here in Cambodia for 2 weeks, and will be giving an account of the services they have provided.

Keep watching for regular updates. http://kids2011.shutterfly.com/

Do a Photo Course and help the Children at PIO


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