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Day One. A Baptism of Fire. The Riverkids

For many today was a sharp shock about how Dentistry in less than ideal conditions is performed. Many of the young Dentists, I suspect, are more used to working in a nice, well equipped Dental Surgery.

The day began at 0630 with a short trip to The Riverkids School, all the gear was brought along and set up with a sterilizing team on hand to keep the flow of  instruments clean and ready for use. A briefing was done by the Team Leader and people reminded of the need to ensure their own safety, keep topped up with fluids and takes breaks when they needed too. The surgical and waiting examination areas were quickly established. The kids arrived shortly thereafter and for a short while bedlam ensued but with good team work by the volunteers who organised the children and began feeding them through for initial examinations and completion of paperwork. There were a lot of frightened eyes amongst the children but again with the help of local interpreters they calmed the children and kept them occupied whilst they waited to be treated.

The ambient temperature just kept getting higher throughout the day and despite the sunshades the air was thick and uncomfortable but everyone seemed the manage admirably.

After the pre-surgical examination all the kids were given fluoride treatment by the volunteers before being treated by the dentist or being sent home as no further treatment was needed at that time. The kids had a fairly lengthy wait before eventually being treated but they waited patiently in the most part. Some were obviously very frightened and need constant support a reassurance.


The team was really pushing themselves and managed to treat 100+ children during the morning performing extraction and other necessary procedures within the limitations of the equipment and time available.

The fear in this little fellows eyes can clearly be seen but hopefully his next visit he will be more confident. He did get his treatment but he was very frightened but with good support and team work he got what was necessary.

Great first day team and I am sure the good work done today was appreciated by ALL the kids.

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