COLT. Day 3

The Team spent the morning at COLT (A school catering to an orphanage of 30 children and local children from the community). This was the first place that KIDS ever visited in Cambodia and they have been treating the 30 Orphan children for 8 years.

Beautiful Smile and Great Teeth

Smiles all round

It just goes to show that consistent dental care and good dental hygiene can produce healthy teeth. I know this place has a special place in Perobi and Bob’s heart as do the children there. The team went on to see many more children whose teeth were in not as good a state but they certainly worked hard under hot and difficult conditions to achieve the days objective.

Wall decoration a COLT

Aida the teams Nurse with one of her patients

Cathy and Sal from California

All the volunteer (non Dentist) are superb in what they are doing but Cathy is a breath of fresh air with the kids, so bubbly it breaks down the barriers of language and trust, and Sal just get on with the job and is great with the kids.  They have both been on several missions and their experience to the team is invaluable. More about then and the other volunteers later.

The team are doing a super job, in conditions many of them, I’m sure, will never have encountered before. Well done TEAM….

Mr.America (Bob) & Mrs.America (Purobi)

Try getting a picture of the real live people together, they are always so busy busy busy I decided to use this picture until I can catch them… LOL !!


Do a Photo Course and help the Children at PIO

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