We left Phnom Penh on Sunday heading for Kampong Chhnang, or so I thought. I was following the vans with the team on my motor cycle but unfortunately lost track of them in the traffic, Khmer drivers only have two speeds, stopped and flat out. So I headed for Kampong Chhnang which I was later to find out was 60 miles in the wrong direction as the team was heading towards Kampong Cham.

So I found myself in a town I had never been to before at dusk without any telephone numbers or contacts and a hotel booked in a town 120 miles away. LMAO

I knew the team would be leaving the hotel at 5am the next morning going to an outlying village where they would be homestaying. No way I could get to Kampong Cham by that time along one of the worse highways in Cambodia (in the process of being relayed).

A this point the more I thought the more confused I got

I search in vain for a number to contact someone. I new Bob had called me on someones phone a few days before and after many searches and calls I eventually contacted Lily and arranged to meet the team in two days in Kampong Cham. Just goes to prove check your facts twice, three times, four times before you travel.

First time I have gone AWOL without charges to follow…lol

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