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Francie Steinwedell at Camelot Riding Club

Clinic for a Just World:

Francie Steinwedell at Camelot Riding Club

Camelot Riding Club in Newhall, California will be hosting a clinic with Francie Steinwedell on April 22 and 23.

Francie is one of the United States most accomplished competitors. Based in California, she has represented her home country on 11 Nations’ Cup teams. In 2006, she was a member of the West Coast Active Riders Team that spent the summer competing in Europe under the guidance of chef d’equipe, George Morris.

A long-time rider ambassador for JustWorld International, Francie has been instrumental in raising awareness for the non-profit organization on the West Coast and has inspired many of her fellow riders to become ambassadors as well, “I [joined] JustWorld to open up my knowledge and gain experience in making a difference worldwide,” Francie added, “I have been very lucky and privileged to grow up in a safe community, not having to struggle to make ends meet and also being able to get an educated and my health care without even having the possibility of it not being available to me… I am also very grateful for that!”

Francie visiting with the girls at the JustWorld project in Honduras

Camelot Riding Club has been a strong supporter of JustWorld
International over the years, as well. An optional $2 donation field
was added to all show entry blanks, which has raised more than

All proceeds from the Francie Steinwedell clinic will be donated directly to JustWorld International.

About JustWorld International

Founded in 2003, JustWorld International is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States.With show jumping riders around the world signing up to become JustWorld Rider Ambassadors, Executive Director Jessica Newman has mobilized some of the sport’s biggest names towards supporting JustWorld’s projects. There are currently more than 400 Rider Ambassadors from 35 different countries, ranging from pony riders to Olympic medalists, who help bring attention to JustWorld International’s cause. For more information on JustWorld International, please visit www.justworldinternational.org.

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