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I love taking pictures have been doing so for 30 years both as an amatuer and semi pro.. I use Canon digital cameras and lenses. I have returned now to Cambodia.Working now as a Freelance Photo Journalist Social Documentary photography features prominently in my work. It is my favoured subject. I also enjoy Landscape, People and travel pictures on a personal level. Originally from Cheshire in the UK I spent most of my working life dealing with people in one way or another. I worked for the Health Service in the UK and Canada and spent time also in the Military. I am now living and working in South East Asia, based presently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I moved here in October of 2009. Phnom Penh is a good central base for travelling throughout Asia and is why I chose to settle here for a while. COPYRIGHT NOTICE © FusionAsia. Ian Kydd' Miller Respectfully DO NOT use anything from my galleries for blogs, websites, myspace, face book, banners, designs, posters, cd's, books etc WITHOUT my written approval. My work is NOT stock. If you see my work being used, Please contact me. Please respect copyrights.Ian Kydd'Miller ©

Local Politics

I try not to make judgements on local politics but this can sometimes be a little difficult when you see the effects of questionable national govenance of  a country.



May be an interesting time

The time for the Cambodian local election (2017) has come around again. This should be an interesting forunner to the General election next year and may give a taste of what may come.

There has been a lot of posturing and threats coming from the CPP (the party in power) of what will happen if the opposition parties demonstrate or push to far.


Although no longer directly involved after resigning as the leader of the CNRP after having be forced into another exile in France there is still banter between Rainsey and CPP leadership.

Not been blogging

I have not really been blogging for a while but think it is time to change that and start again.IMG_1841

I spend a lot of time walking the streets of Phnom Penh, seeing the changes in the city, seeing a city moving forward without a care for what is happening to those who live there. I see many new high rise buildings, many of which are empty of people, many building just appear to be thrown up haphazardly without any thought to the local surroundings or planning, building because we can.

Cambodian Elections


I have been following these elections with dumbfounded interest. The unbelievable naevity of local people simply amazes me. They believe what politicians tells them, seamingly without question.


Sam Rainsey (CNRP), makes lots of promises for changes to the plight of ordinary Cambodia, I hope he is able to fulfill the promises, I somehow have some doubts … but the people believe all he tells them. Only time will tell.


Meanwhile the CPP continues to run the place with a fist of Iron all be it in a very well made kidd glove.