Great things about Photography

Great Things About Photography

Author: Pooja Lapasia


Watching a football game.


Photojournalism has come a long way and is now a multi-million dollar business. People involved in photography have put up their work on blogs and are expanding their horizon. Community sites like Flickr have dedicated them to budding photography enthusiasts. There are a lot of reasons behind the passion of photography. Camera stores are mounting offering imaging solutions to all.

Photographs give a glimpse of our whole life. When you see your childhood photographs with your schoolmates it does bring a smile on your face and all those funny memories rush into your mind. The family trips, school picnics, social gatherings all are arrested in images which are enduring. The photographs you take and the way you take it matters the most. You can make a scenic photo look scary if you take it in black and white. You can play with the lighting and shadows and create a whole new prospective for the image. The photo control is in your hands and you can create your won theme and look for an image.

Photography is not as simple as it seems to be. Maybe after 50 attempts for a good shot you would get a decent picture. The important thing in photography is to have patience. The best cameras won’t guarantee you good pictures but a skilled photographer who has gained knowledge over a period of time will. Photography is an art and it need not be appreciated by all. You have to believe in your work, if you like your picture then it has the value, it doesn’t count if anyone appreciates it or not.

Photographs speak a lot about the photographer’s personality and traits. The kind of pictures you click and the way you present it, display your perception and mannerisms. Photography is individualistic and doesn’t follow a particular path, rules or regulations. You and your camera need to connect and you need to feel the subject you want to frame. Once you decide to capture something, laziness shouldn’t overcome your willingness to get that perfect picture. Photography gives a sense of satisfaction to the photographer and it exposes his perception to all. Sharing of photographs would only enhance your work and make you better. This art can be practiced by anyone; it requires some dedication and your imagination. homeshop18

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