Its YOU not the Camera

“It’s Not About the Camera, It’s About U !”

Author: Amit

OK, so now that you have bought yourself a camera (reasonably good, I suppose!), you might be wondering how to take great photographs that you get to see in movies or in the Internet. I’m sure some really awesome pictures are going on in your mind and you trying to create one of them yourself.

Fine, so you go ahead and start shooting pictures with the new found status of the “Photographer” among your circle of friends. And this feeling is directly proportional to the amount you have invested in buying the camera.Before long, you start believing that you really know about photography, till your first set of photographs are out.

Alas! reality dawns and you are suddenly, well not the choicest of photographers around. You discover that you are not the photographer you thought you were and the photos you have taken are far from the professional pics you like. Well the first blame definitely goes to the camera, which somehow is not the one you wanted and/or the ‘situation’ you had to take photographs, you din’t get enough time blah blah……

So, can we just stop blaming and start working, folks. Well let’s analyse the photographer in U. Sit back and honestly say whether you have considered the following (I’ll try avoid the jargon and Keep it Simple)

What did you want to photograph?
Why did you want to photograph that?
Did it have enough interesting ‘subject’?
Was the light enough?
Did you allow the feedback from your camera?

If you have read till here, either you are lost by now or you have started realizing what I’m trying to hint. Either way, let me try to help you out.

Photography isn’t about photocopying (For God’d sake!).This is an art where, to put it simply, u paint with light. To take an example, dont use a camera as a tool to capture evidence (We were here!). Rather ask yourself how differently can u take a pic of where you or your family have been. Let’s say you have gone to the mountains for a sunset. Dont just photograph the setting sun (anybody will do that I think) take pics of the impact of the setting sun rays on the surroundings. Maybe try a silhouette. Capture some interesting frames where the viewer can see the setting sun rays through a tree bark or arches of the mountain. this kind of pictures will not only add interest to your photograph it will make it more complete than your dark face in front of the camera lens.

Often a mistake which we do (I also did this mistake) we dont wait to see what the camera got to offer in the given circumstances. How is it taking light in, what clarity is providing at what settings (I’ll go into the details of settings in some future article) and most importantly what changes do I have to do capture the mood.

Well, this brings me to an interesting topic (and I’ll keep it short ) the mood of a photograph. You can make someone laugh, cry or do anything you want by just a small photograph (now, that’s the power of the art). Try adding few kids in playful scenario and take a candid snap, or throw some soft toys at your puppy and photograph that moment. If you are walking down a country road just after the rains have stopped (accidentally you were carrying the camera with you) look around and you can tell me if you dint find that droplets on green shiny leaves or wide vistas of moist look and feel with a hut here or there.

To sum it up, your photograph should have a meaning behind each pic and not just assembled piece of evidence. A sense of purpose and an ability to stand out of the crowd (choose that uncommon angle, capture the vintage car passing by) will bring out the true photographer in you. Ok, before I sign off, here’s a small challenge that I would like to throw at you. Try shooting extraordinary pics out of ordinary day to day moments and send me the story behind the photograph (trust me this really brings the photograph to life) and those photographs will become the subject of my next blog. Till then… Goodbye and happy photographing!

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