Shoot First – then Learn

Shoot First, Then Learn




Author: Adriana Bella

Shoot, shoot and shoot even more. This is what a photographer should do in order to become a true professional.  Photography is one of those fields where a person’s work reflects his experience. This is why it is important to get as much experience as possible in working with different conditions and in all sorts of lighting conditions.

The learning process for any photographer, whether he is a professional or whether he is someone who is just doing it as a pastime, never really ends. It is a life long commitment to the art of photography that makes a student out of even the most experienced professionals. This is part of the charm for many people who opt to shoot pictures.

The whole learning process takes time and cannot be hurried. So, just relax, enjoy and meanwhile shoot as many photographs as possible. There are many steps along the way that have to be taken in order to become a photographer.

First and foremost of these steps is to understand and study the tools you would be working with. The camera and the lighting equipment are the first items that come to mind. How these work and their maintenance is important as it will be the base for your journey through photography. Then it is a matter of simply taking photographs.

The possibilities that are presented to a person behind a camera are countless. This is definitely a form of art where artistry brings out the best work. Being dedicated and committed to the art form is important. Giving it up after a few months will not get you anywhere. Even as a hobby this commitment will be the one thing that helps you to progress towards becoming a good photographer.

Never be afraid to experiment. This is one field where allsorts of experiments have paid off in the long run netting some of the most memorable photographs to their creators. Widen your horizons, go beyond your own garden and venture out into the world and you will find an amazing moments everywhere you go.

Another lesson that is important to learn early on is to take your camera with you everywhere you go. You never know when an unexpected photo opportunity presents itself. IF you are able to make taking photographs a part of your life that will lead you onto becoming one of the greats in the field, even if it is only for your own amusement.

There are many rewards for a photographer personally apart from it being an avenue of revenue. The satisfaction that is gained through a beautifully executed photograph is like that of an artist who has painted a masterpiece. You will never get tired of looking at it. So, keep on shooting, shooting and shooting even more and you will learn in the best way possible to better yourself at this art form.

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About the Author

Adriana Bella is professional graphic designer and passionate photographer. She has 4+ years of experience. She has recently created and published her huge collection of photography templates available online at

Also, Adriana has published her own
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