A sexy DSLR

Buy a White Pentax K-x – Sexy Digital SLR

Author: Wayne Rasku

Who could have dreamed that the White Pentax K-x would be so widely celebrated? The perfect adjective for this rather small digital SLR is definitely “sexy”.

But should you buy a digital camera just because it is sexy? Heck no. You buy it because it takes impressive pictures… and it’s sexy.

Browsing the reviews, you will find all kinds of glowing remarks about this small, yet stylish camera. Surprise is one of the principal observations. Surprise that such a petite digital camera can have so many pro features.

I am listing just a few of the comments that were given. These show the element of surprise from the commenters.

  • It can be used by the whole family, even the ones that are not adept at setting camera controls. Just set the camera on auto and it acts like a point and shoot camera. But it has one huge advantage over a digital compact – there is no shutter lag!
  • This camera take great video! HD quality video at 1280 by 720, which equals cameras that cost three times as much.
  • This is a great camera for a beginner, especially if you read the manual, which is extremely helpful. The camera actually “helps” you navigate through the menu.
  • This is the best entry level DSLR on the market, by far! The advanced features, such as in camera processing spare you from purchasing expensive post processing software.

But small and cute (sexy) are not the only attractions to consider. Here are just a couple of major benefits you get in the Pentax K-x.

When considering any digital SLR, you should look for excellent image quality. This camera has it, even at higher ISO settings. ISO goes up to 12800 which will allow you to take photos in very low light situations, like concert halls where no flash photography is permitted.

Another really fun feature is the ability to take 4.7 frames per second. It’s great for sporting events where there is lots of action. There is no digital compact that can compare to 4.7 frames per second!

The LCD screen is quite large at 2.7″. It has “Live View” so that you do not have to use the viewfinder to compose your photo. Many pros balk at using LCD Live View. They are quite comfortable using the viewfinder. Point and shoot camera owners are very familiar with using an LCD screen. In fact they depend on it. You have the best of both worlds in this DSLR.

Although this is not really a feature, it is worth considering: the Pentax K-x stacks up pretty well next to some more expensive models like the Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i.

Now the question is, where do you actually get one of these amazing photographic marvels? It will take a bit of luck to find one in a local department store or camera store. Brick and mortar stores are usually very conservative in their inventory. So you probably will not find one unless you really get lucky.

Getting one online is, without a doubt, your best option.

Try this link: http://White-Pentax-K-x.blogspot.com <– You’ll be glad you did.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/digital-photography-articles/buy-a-white-pentax-k-x-sexy-digital-slr-3231114.html

About the Author

I love photography and all things related to it. Cameras, camera gear, and image editing software fascinate me, so I am either buying the newest piece of equipment (or software) or researching my next purchase.

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