Camera AUTO settings

Do You Know How To Use The Auto Settings On Your Camera?

Author: Bill Weller

When you buy your new digital camera you may be come overwhelmed with all the features and wonder where to start. One of the great things about digital cameras is that they are easy to use. They have automatic settings that you can use in a variety of different settings and locations.

To become more familiar with the settings of your digital camera here is a brief description of what they are:

Auto:This setting is the most convenient setting to use. It basically has everything set for you including the flash, exposure and focus. All you have to do is point and click. The great thing with this is that the camera is doing the thinking for you to free you up to concentrate on the subject matter that you are taking a picture off.

Landscape: This enables you to take in more areas and space when taking a photo of a far away object. When taking a landscape shot you also have the option of using an f-stop. What this feature basically does is enables you to create a background that is either blurred or clear.

Sport: You use the Sport feature when the subject matter is moving or if you are moving. For example, this can mean you taking a photo as a passenger in a moving car or taking a photo of a fast-moving object such as a F1 racing car.

Close ups: You use this setting feature if you want to zone in on your subject matter and get as much detail on the photo as possible. Close ups are a great feature for taking images of insects, birds and flowers.

Portrait: The portrait setting creates an image were the background is blurred or out of focus and the subject matter is clear and in focus. This setting is perfect for taking pictures of people especially when the subject matter is close up.

Night: If you take a picture at night without the night setting you get a blurry image as if the camera was being shaken at the time of the shot. When you set the night feature the shutter speed slows down to enable more light into the cameras aperture.

Actually the night setting is not only restricted to night time as in certain circumstances it can be used during the day. For example, when taking a photo of a moving object you can use the night setting.


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