Canon G11

Quite an amazing camera. Fast auto focus (when you’ve had G9) and great low light performance. While by no means a dSLR it blows the earlier G9 away. Nice usable pictures are possible with a lot higher ISO. Very useful.

Nice retro rangefinder design just like the G7-G10. Nice handling, easy menus.


Very nice at high ISO.
Fast autofocus.
Much improved IS compared to G9.


No long zoom. You get a wide wide end which is where I will use it most of the time.
Low ISO isn’t quite as pixel crisp as G9 and other older Canon’s I have. Suspect the removal of the Super Fine jpg option is to blame. I can shoot RAW if I need the extra IQ. Auto mode under some conditions tends to prefer relatively long shutter time even though it fires flash. Would prefer 1/60 sek as G9 when flash is used and it’s just an ordinary flash picture (if not a special night picture where you want long shutter even though you use flash).


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