Cheap 50mm Lens for Canon – Get One Cheap

Cheap 50mm Lens for Canon – Get One Cheap

Author: Wayne Rasku

Cheap 50mm Lens is a Great Find

Finding a good cheap 50mm lens for Canon DSLR cameras has been the quest of many a photographer. Make sure you read this entire article because you will be very excited at what you will discover.

A 50mm lens is practically a requirement for every single lens reflex camera owner. This is not a wives’ tale, it is the “old” industry standard. Truth is that with the advent of so many zoom lenses, a 50mm lens is not so much the norm any longer.

However, when you consider the quality of images that are produced with prime lenses verses zoom lenses, the prime lenses win almost every time.

Going out on a limb, I contend that every photographer should have a 50mm Canon lens in his or her bag. The reason is that Canon developed the engineering to a point of perfection.

It’s a logical conclusion when you really think about it. Changes in focal length that happen during the “zoom process” necessitate much more complex technology to deal with unwanted effects like barrel distortion or vignetting. That means the already great 50mm lenses just get better if there is a development in something like lens glass. No additional adjustments are needed, just plunk in the new glass.

Canon 50mm Lens Lineup

Right now there are actually 3 models of the 50mm Canon lens (well, 4 if you take into consideration the 50mm Canon macro).

–    Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM – top of the line, part of the Canon “L” series which is their very best group of DSLR camera lenses

–    50mm f/1.4 – medium price and fantastic

–    50mm f/1.8 – cheap but fantastic

There is not a whole lot to compare in a simple list like this; they look almost identical in name. The aperture and the quality of construction are where the differences come in to play. Lenses one and two in the list are definitely built better and contain more elements of lens glass than lens number 3. But it is image quality that is the determining factor to the viewer, the the image quality of these three lenses is very close indeed. To the casual viewer, there will be no difference at all (this is a trained technician type who examines photos for the purpose of lens and camera reviews).

Canon has essentially taken the great technology and used some less expensive “wrapping” in the form of plastic casing to make the 50mm f/1.8 lens really affordable for virtually every Canon DSLR owner.

For photographers who are fairly new to digital SLR cameras, this cheap 50mm lens for Canon cameras could be the perfect lens, especially if you own a Canon 50D or one of the Canon Rebels. Because of the 1.6 “crop factor” of these cameras, the 50mm lens length becomes the same as 80mm on a regular 35mm camera. This is the perfect length for doing portraits and other similar photo jobs that require a medium telephoto lens.

Here’s the issue. If you purchase any zoom lens in the $100 price range, you will definitely be getting a consumer grade product with less than stellar image quality. On the other hand, you get really good image quality if you buy a cheap 50mm lens.

Yes, the build quality of the lens is a bit “toyish” in feel, but the output is nothing less than great.

Even a lens built like this can last for a long time if proper care is taken.

You will undoubtedly want to find out more about this really inexpensive (OK, cheap) Canon 50mm lens. Click HERE to find out whether this is the right choice for your Canon digital SLR.

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I love photography and all things related to it. Cameras, camera gear, and image editing software fascinate me, so I am either buying the newest piece of equipment (or software) or researching my next purchase.

There is a bit more to know about the cheap 50mm lens for Canon DSLR cameras. Click on this link – – to find out which lens this is the right choice for your Canon digital SLR.


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One thought on “Cheap 50mm Lens for Canon – Get One Cheap

  1. Once upon a time the 50 mm lens was THE standard camera lens and was THE optical benchmark by which manufacturers were judged and compared. Although the basic lens focus has now shifted (at least at the low to mid amateur level) to zooms – you can still benefit from years of research and development that went into designing the 50 mm lens and this here lens may be the best lens, dollar for dollar, that you can ever buy. The question is can you afford not to own this lens?

    Years of development have brought us a lens that has a fast aperture of 1.8 – far faster than any consumer zoom lens – and that is sharp as a filed tack. Be forewarned about the sharpness . . . if you are taking pictures of people, this lens is unyielding in its sharpness and may well surprise you and your subjects whose every blemish is captured. The lens has a fabulously shallow depth of field if you want to use the 1.8 aperture to blow out a background. This lens is also ridiculously inexpensive. It is not USM – so it is a little loud. It does not have a moving focus scale. For the money though – this is heaven.

    As to the build quality – yes, it is plastic. No, it’s not built like the Rock of Gibraltar. If you are going to give this lens extensive use as your everyday lens and you shoot a lot, it may not hold up all that well as one reviewer suggests. However, I’ve now had this lens and used it fairly regularly (although not as the primary lens) for about 8 years and it is still in great condition. In my mind, spend the $$ on this first before you go and drop $330 on the 50mm 1.4 USM lens and I think you’ll find it gets the job done nicely and that the extra $250 on the 1.4 may not be worth the difference in build (major difference), speed (minor difference) and image quality (minor difference).

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