Who is the Daddy of Photography ??

A Frenchman named Louis Daguerre, is the father of photography, so history tells us. But here is the rest of the story Louis Daguerre, wanted time to stand still and capture the moment for prosperity. He worked at it for forty years, and was able to capture images. However, they soon faded back into the past from whence they came. When he heard of an Italian pottery maker that was putting images on his pottery that were not paintings but real images. Off he went to Italy to meet Joseph Nicéphore Niépce,
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was a fairly unknown pottery maker. However this pottery maker was coating his vases in a silver nitrate solution and placing them across a pleasant field of flowers. A lens was used to get the field to conform to the shape of his vases. The best part was that the image did not fade away.
Now you tell me! “Who’s the Daddy of Photography?” Louis Daguerre, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, It’s my personal opinion that both contributors invented photography One without the other was almost useless. So the daguerreotype was not the first process of photography to be invented. However It was the most successful and the first be commercially viable. Other successful processes required hours of exposure, the time it took was not feasible for any commercial applications. The pay back for Louis Daguerre’s forty some odd years of hard work trying countless formulas was a disheartening end. On August 14,1839 Miles Berry acting on the behalf of Louis Daguerre obtained a patent for the daguerreotype process.
Within a few days of the patent on August 19, 1839 the government of France announced the invention saying “A Gift To The Free World” Though it was never Daguerre’s intent to give photography as a gift to everyone. Thanks to his efforts you can give a gift of photography and
cameras to everyone.

Yet without the pottery maker Joseph Nic’ephore Nie’pce. Louis Daguerre may never have been able to invent or perfect the art of photography. Photographs and videos today are such an essential part of our social culture how could we survive without them, We even have them in our phones so that we don’t miss an opportunity to save a valuable memory.

Copyright 2008 by Pamela Contreras


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