10 Top Travel Photography Tips

10 Top Travel Photography Tips

Date Published: 12th May 2007
Author: KristineKnight

Whether you’re taking a short day trip or going halfway around the world, there are things besides a destination and a camera that can ensure you return home with a collection of wonderful photographs. Here are 10 travel photo tips to help you do just that.

1. Look For Local Cultural Events because these can make for some great photo opportunities.

2. Carry A Wide-Range Zoom (28-200mm) to reduce weight and still have plenty of focal range. Bringing a lot of lenses can really weigh you down.

3. Previsualize Your Shots at a scene. Walk around while considering light, weather, lens selection and how to frame some unusual and fresh compositions.

4. Get Up Before Dawn At Least Once and photograph a scene as the morning light emerges.

5. Show The Picture On The LCD to people you shoot, especially when there’s a language barrier. It involves them in what you’re doing and builds trust.

6. Use A Portable Reflector To Control Light, fill in shadows or brighten colors in the foreground.

7. Make Sure You Have A Tripod, preferably one that’s strong, lightweight and fairly compact when fully compressed.

8. Back Up Your Images with a portable storage device to free up memory cards and ensure that you come home with all the photos you took.

9. Don’t Forget A Cleaning Kit to keep your lenses and sensors clean.

10. Shooting Some Video in addition to your still images can turn slideshows into dynamic, multimedia presentations.

Make the most of your next photographic adventure, with all of our travel photography tips.

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